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Welcome to the FAQ Section
Call Toll Free: 1-877-420-ROLL

Frequently Asked Questions:

Shopping Cart / Check Out / Payment Questions:
Order Status Questions:
Shipping Questions
General Questions:
Shopping Cart / Check Out / Payment Questions:

Q: How do I use the shopping cart?     

     Our custom built shopping cart was designed with ease of use in mind. Simply click the ‘add to cart’ button located under each item you are interested in buying to add it to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will open in a separate window when you click an ‘add to cart’ button, or when you click on the ‘view cart’ button located at the bottom of every page.
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Q: How do I Checkout / Pay?

     Once you are satisfied that you have added all desired items to your shopping cart, click on the ‘checkout’ button on the shopping cart. This will take you to the first of four steps of the checkout process:
Step 1: Verify Your Order
     On this page your order is presented in full, along with the shipping costs for each item. This is the best time to review the contents of your order. If you need to make any changes, click on ‘Return to Shopping Cart’ button. And if you have any additional comments or requests (such as: My color preferences for the pipe are Red, Blue, or Green) you can enter them into the “Extra Comments” text box.
      Once you are ready to proceed click on the ‘click here to continue’ button. This will take you to the next step of the checkout process:
Step 2: Enter Your Info
     On this page you are required to login to your customer account to continue. If you already have an account setup you can login with your email address and password to continue.
     If you haven’t already setup an account with us, you can do so quickly. Click on the ‘Click Here to Setup a New Account’ text to open the sign-up page. Enter your name, email address, shipping address as well as your desired account password and click ‘submit’. As easy as that, you’re account is setup and you’re ready to continue in the checkout process. (You will receive an email confirming that your new account is created, and which will contain your password). Login to your new account to continue to the next stop of the checkout process:
Step 3: Select Your Payment System
     This is where you get to choose how you want to pay. Currently, your payment options are credit card, e-check, and money order. To pay by credit card or e-check, click on the Credit Card / E-check button. To Pay by money order, click on the Money Order button. This will take you to the next step of the checkout process:
Step 4: Review & Submit Your Order
     This is the final step of the checkout process. You will see your entire order listed, along with shipping costs, any extra comments you added, as well as the name and shipping address that is listed in your customer account. Take this last chance to make sure everything is good and as it should be in both your order and address. When you are ready to checkout, click on the button at the bottom of the page.
     If you chose Credit Card / E-Check in Step 3 you will now have the choice between paying by credit card or e-check. Click the appropriate button for your choice. You will be taken to the secure servers of our online payment provider. Follow the instructions on that page and fill out the required info (i.e., name, credit card info, etc). If your payment is approved, you will be taken to a Transactioin approved page. This page will confirm that your payment was approved and you will receive an invoice email detailing the contents of the order as well as the transaction details.
     If you choose Money Order in Step 3 you only need to click on the Money Order button on the bottom of the page to continue. You will be taken to a page outlining the process for sending money orders. From there you will be taken to a final printable page that contains the details of the order, your shipping address, the total cost, as well as instructions on what type of money order to send and where to send it. You will also receive an email with all the same info.
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Q: What is a customer Account?

     A Customer account is an account that you setup with us containing your personal info (such as name, shipping address, etc). Having your info in a customer account makes it easier for you, our customer, in numerous ways. Once setup, you won’t have to re-enter all your personal info (name, shipping address, etc) when you want to make additional purchases down the road. Also, having accounts allows our customers to come back after they place their order and check the status of the order online and instantly!
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Q: How do I create a customer account?

     If you do not already have a customer account with us, you will be required to create one during Step 2 of the checkout process.
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Q: Do I need cookies enabled to use the shopping cart?     

     Yes, to use our shopping cart (and therefore buy from us) you need to make sure your browser (i.e., Internet Explorere, Netscape, etc) has cookies enabled.
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Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

     We currently accept online payments via who can complete your order via Credit Card or E-check. We also offer other secure choices: and We also accept Canadian or International Money Orders. You can also send Cash by mail instead of money order. You can also now call in your orders or check out and pick the call in order there for quicker phone orders.
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Q: How do I pay by Money Order?

     To pay by money order, simply select Money Order when prompted to select your payment type (this happans during Step 3 of the checkout process). You will be taken to a page detailing your order, and finally to a printable order form which you can print and send in with your money order.
     As we ( are located in Canada, we can only accept International USA, International or Canadian Money Orders. When arranging your money order from outside of Canada, please make sure it is an "International Money Order". Otherwise we will not be able to honor your payment.
      As many of our products cannot legally be sold to minors, we also require that you send along with your money order some proof of age (must be 18 or older) such as a photocopy of your drivers license or any other official identification which shows your name and your age/date of birth. (you may 'black out' any other info on the identification which does not pertain to your name, address and age/date of birth).
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Q: How do I pay with credit card / e-check?

     During Step 3 of the checkout process you will be asked to choose between paying by credit card / e-check or money order. Click on the Credit Card / E-Check button. On the next page (Step 4) you can then choose to pay by either credit card or e-check.
You will be taken to credit processors secure transaction servers where you will fill out required info (credit card info, etc). You can no also phone in your order if you wish.
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Q: Will I get an email notification of my transaction?

     Yes, upon approval of a credit card or e-check payment through or or, you will receive an email detailing the contents of your order as well as your shipping address, etc. If you chose to pay by money order, you will receive an email with a printable form you must send to us with your payment. When your money order has been processed into our bank account, you will receive another email notifying you that payment was received. You will also receive an email notification when the shipping status of your order is updated.
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Q: How much does shipping cost?

     The shipping cost is calculated on an item by item basis, as the weight and/or dimensions of each item will affect the total shipping cost for an order. Your shipping amount will be added automatically during Step 1 of the checkout process. Please note, the shipping costs added on the transaction form apply to North American customers only. International orders may be charged additional shipping charges.
     If you order via money order, you will be emailed a final price for your order which will include shipping.
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Order Status Questions:

Q: How can I check on the status of my order?

You can get the current status of your order online and instantly. To do so, you must login to your customer account. Go to the order status page (located in the help section) or go to:
Enter your email address and password to login to your account. Once logged in, you will see any and all orders you have placed since creating your customer account. Click on any specific order to get the break-down on that order and its status. You’ll see a complete listing of the items ordered, your personal info and shipping address, the payment option used, the payment status, the order status and the shipping status of the order.
Once the order is created, the order status is set to active. When all items in the order have been shipped, the order status is set to complete. Sometimes we find it necessary to ship your order out in numerous packages (depending on item size, quantity, stock availability, etc). The order status page will display the number of packages sent for that order, and if any packages have been sent, it will display their contents, date shipped, shipping type, and a tracking number, if available.
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Q: How do I login to my account?

To login to your customer account, go to the order status page (located in the help section) or go to:
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Q: What if I forgot my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the text ‘Forgot Your Password? Click Here’ on the login page. You will be taken to a new page and asked to enter your email address. If you have an account setup with us under that email address, your password will be emailed to that address. If you enter an email address that is not found in our database, you must have used a different email address when setting up your customer account. Remember that when you signed up for a customer account you received an email confirming your account and containing your password.
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Q: Why are there numerous packages sent for 1 order?

Sometimes we find it necessary to ship your order out in numerous packages (depending on item size, quantity, stock availability, etc). For instance large, long glass pipes may be shipped in a separate box from other items in that order. Due to the massively large selection of items available at we cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock at all times. If a part of your order is in stock we may ship that part out to you first, and then the rest of the order as it becomes available in stock.
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Q: On the order status page, what does it mean by order status is complete / active?

Once an order is created, the order status is set to active. When all items in the order have been shipped, the order status is set to complete.
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Shipping questions:

Q: When will I get my order?

     Most orders are received two to five weeks after being placed. We do not hold alot of inventory, our large local Suppliers do, so each week we usually go to a one of 4 suppliers. That means when you order it could be a week or more before I go to that supplier to get your productss. Then we pack all the orders from that supplier and send them out next week. I know this is a bit slower than most companies but rest assured your order will come. We update your online status when it ships.

Due to seasonal rushes, postal delays, and an item's being out of stock, it may take longer. You should email us if it looks like your order is not shipped within 3 weeks of being placed. There are also other possible factors involved in the delivery of your item, including your shipping address, holdups/slowdowns at customs, national holidays (when the mail don't move), weekends, and the schedule/whim of your local postal delivery service. We also like to make sure the order is not fraud related so we do not rush ordrs.

For more details regarding our shipping policies, see our Shipping Terms page for more details.
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Q: How will my order be shipped?

     We currently use Canadian Post Air Postal Service or Express Postal Service (on large orders/digital scales) to ship to the US while larger World Wide orders will ship via Express Post Canada Post. In the USA your delivery will arrive via your United States Postal Service, Monday to Friday (some areas may also recieve regular postal deliveries on Saturday). This is a drop off service that maybe delivered anytime during the day. In other words, if you are not home they may leave it on your doorstep or local post office. If you want trackable service or want to sign for your package when it arrives you will have to email us for pricing. Orders with shipping costs of over $11 will be trackable, unless it is considered Oversized. Glass is not insurable, but is double packed to prevent breakage. If you live outside of Canada, your order will go through customs. Shipping is private and discrete with a label of contents listed on the outside of the package. You can read more on our Shipping Terms Page.
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Q: Can I upgrade to better/faster shipping?

     Not right now because we like to ensure your order is on the up and up and we do not hold stock of all our items, so it can take a few weeks before we actually have your order.
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Q: What about customs?

     If you live outside of Canada, your order will most likely pass through your country's customs agency. All items for sale on are for sold for tobacco use only for the pipes and personal use for the rest. We ship via Canada Post to United States Postal Service or your own countries postal service. As all products are for legal use only you should have not worries on getting your package.

Since 2001 we have shipped upto a hundred of packages a week into the USA and around the World, there have been no significant complaints of customs intefering with any order. In other words your order will probable skip through customs and come to you soon after we send it. If you do not receive your product in two weeks after we send it give us a call.

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Q: I live outside North America, how will that affect shipping?

     As noted in the above Shipping Costs section, all shipping prices added through the transaction shopping cart system are for orders within North America. Customers who live outside of North America may be asked to pay an extra amount to cover the increased cost of shipping the order. That extra amount will be determined according to the order size amd weight, as well as the customers shipping address. My advice is if you are ordering from overseas please select several items so it covers the shipping cost.

International customers who pay using the shopping cart, will maybe contacted by email with an additional request for a dollar amount that will need to be paid before shipping.

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Q: Can you RUSH my order?

     No. To prevent credit card fraud we do not rush orders. We receive our products from several local suppliers which are acquired after your order is made. It can take a few weeks before we even get your order and then we pack it with all the other orders and get them out the following week. So sometimes order do take longer than normally. I will post it when we can get you orders out fast. At this time we can not hold stock in our home as per city law so we must acquire it from local suppliers weekly and pack the orders then. We do have some stuff in stock but not the entire list of products you see on our site. Rest assured we still get all orders out even if it is out of stock we wait till our suppliers get it in stock then ship it.

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Q: Will my glass pipe break during shipment?

     No. All glass items are wrapped in bubble wrap, and then double wrapped in cardboard. My packer is experienced in packing delicate and fragile items. Your glass pipe / item should get to you undamaged even if the box took a beating to get to you.

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Q: What will the shipper's address on the package state?

     All packages are shipped with R.I.P.P. listed as the shipping (that's short for Rollies International Pipes & Papers).

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General Questions

Q: Why is my pipe shorter/longer/a different color than the one I ordered?

     Most of our pipes, coloured glass spoons, bubblers and larger glass waterpipes are hand crafted/carved/blown by human beings! (that means your pipes is not just another copy run-off an automated production line). As such, no two pieces are exactly the same. The colouring, exact patterning of each individual pipe as well as its actual size may differ from that shown in the pictures on our web site. However, the pictures are an excellent example of the style of the pipes. Likewise, the actual height/size of piece may vary slightly.

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Q: Do you have a store location near me?

     No. We only sell online from our rented home. One day we might open a store but for now we are working towards adding more products and becoming a super online store.

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Q: Do you sell wholesale as well?

     Yes. We sell the products listed on our site to legitimate businesses. To order wholesale from us, you must first email us. We will require your name, business name, tax numbers, as well as the usual contact info. Please email me at:

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Q: Who are you and Where are you located?

     We are a two man operation who started this business in 2001, in Vancouver BC, Canada, and after we located two local suppliers we were able to build our website that summer and go live. Now we have over 6 local suppliers, as well as two in the USA and will be adding more soon. We have gone through some rough times with old merchant processors taking our money and not paying. This resulted in our inability to grow beyond a two man operation for many years. We do have one settlement coming soon which would catch us up on all orders but till that time we are doing our best to get orders out in a timely manner. We recently added an office worker and online phone orders to improve our business. We buy products weekly and have a friend pack them and send orders out the next week or so. We do not carry all inventory listed because our suppliers are suppose to. We are licensed and located in the city of Vancouver, which is in the province of British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. If you want our address email us at:

You can also give us a call Toll Free:1-877-420-ROLL only between the hours of 10:00AM PST - 9:00PM. Please note we are working most times and can't always answer the phone or get back to you as orders are being packed, ordered or picked up that there is not enough hours in the day to respond to everyone. Also note all sales are final and so please do not call to cancel, we are a two man operation and need everyone to wait for their order.

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Q: What if an item in my order is out of stock?

     Due to the massively large selection of items available at, we cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock at all times. However, new shipments are picked up every Wednesday - Friday, so items which are not in stock are typically available within 3 to 4 weeks. If it looks like there will be a wait longer than 6 weeks, we may notify you of your order's status or you can email us for an update. As we currently pick up orders from our suppliers every other week your order maybe be out of stock one week then in stock the next. This is why we have a 2-5 week delivery time.

On occassion a piece maybe out of stock for months and months and I want you to know this is beyond our control. I can only keep requesting the item till they get it in and in most case it is the manufacuture that is causing the slow down and not us nor the supplier. You can chooose something else or wait as we do till it finally comes in stock.

customers order multiple items in a single order, we will, when possible, send out an order in multiple packages; sending the in stock items right away and the rest of the items as they come in stock. THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGE TO THE CUSTOMER FOR THIS (SPLIT-ORDER) SERVICE AS EACH ITEM ORDERED HAS IT'S OWN SHIPPING CHARGE.

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Q: I am a glass blower / manufacturer of a great product - will you sell it on your site?

     Maybe. We here at like to offer the greatest selection of pipes, papers, scales and other accessories for sale. Email us your relevant info, as well as any pictures and info regarding your product. Free samples always help us determine whether your product is worthy of being sold on! Contact us at:

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Q: What are the upgrade options below some of your items? How can I upgrade my item?

     Some items have possible upgrades and/or add-ons, depending on the item itself. These will appear as optional buttons (below the regular item info and price). Only the upgrades/add-ons possible for a specific item will show beneath that item. For instance, you can upgrade some acrylic pipes to a multi-color style, and for some scales you can order an extra set of batteries for that specific scale.

For more information on each upgrade/add on, click on the text name of the upgrade/add on. A popup window will appear with info related to the upgrade/add on you selected.

To add the upgrade/add on to your order: be sure to order (click the 'add to cart' button for) both the item you are interested in, AS WELL AS the desired upgrade(s) shown below it. Each upgrade/add on will appear on the shopping caert as applying specificly to that item shown above the upgrade button!
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Q: So you want to make a Phone Orders ?

     We are just starting to take phone orders if you want to make a phone order without going through the online shopping cart then phone us here: 1-877-420-7655 (call after 10am PST) and leave us a message. We will then take your order over the phone. Your street address must match your phone number. That means no cel phones numbers are allowed as primary phone number. Also no fraud orders are accepted nor are rush orders via the phone. You can change shipping address but you will need to fax us your picture id or cc bill. Remember all sales are final due to us being a two man operation and you must wait for your order. If you order from us we request you make sure you want this order and stick with it. We are a two man operation and continue to send orders each week and will get to your order so you must wait as everyone else does. Remember we do not rush orders so order carefully as you must understand the sale is final.
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Q: Why are all sales final?

Firstly we get charged for all order and we get rated with our merchant processor so in order to keep a good standing order we need everyone who wants to order to stick with it. Also we stated we do not rush orders so you know full well when you order it can take several weeks for it to arrive and when you order you know this and therefore you agree to wait for it by ordering. We also are a two man operation and we get orders once a week from one supplier or the other so an order will come but time frame is not always known. We basically don't want people to double guess an order by ordering and then cancelling it because they are afraid or find it somewhere else for a buck cheaper, when you order from us you must stick with it, if you can not following this policy then please do not order.
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Q: What is your privacy policy?

     We here are respect your privacy. We only collect your name, email address, phone number and address that you enter in your customer account. When purchasing , , or will collects your credit card information and no one at every sees or knows your credit card information. They are all SSL Encrypted and Verisigned to keep your info private and secure.


We also do not have an email mailing list, so at this time your email will never be on a mailing list, given to an third party and you will never receive spam from us. We would never sell or use your information in anyway. If you want your account deleted from our database you can email us 6 months after the order is made and I will remove your information.

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We also sell wholesale to both domestic and international businesses.
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