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Aromed Vaporizer !
Phyto Inhalation is known as the newest and most effective application form in aroma therapy. Use of the Aromed Vaporizer is more efficient than any other application!
How is this possible?
100% of the active substances are inhaled and absorbed.
No use of preparation (e.g. teas, tinctures, or tablets) no retarded effects.
About 1/3 of the normal dose has sufficient effect.
Almost immediate effect is guaranteed.
Medically appropriate application:
With it's protected hot air supply, inhalation is as pure as necessary for medical application.
No metal oxides and heavy metal ions are inhaled as with other vaporizers.
Easy to read-and-handle display for correct heat settings.
New Version 4.0 comes in Fahrenheit complete with 110V AC power cord, ready to use out of the box!
The manual describes 40 medical inhalants and their benefits with the Aromed vaporizer.

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I'm as concerned about my health as the next (smoker) but haven't found the motivation to stop smoking and start vaporizing.  Most vaporizers eliminate the physical, visual, and tactile elements of (smoking), turning it into a boring, passive experience.  The Aromed vaporizer, however, is almost spontaneously customizable, fully interactive and fun to use.

A romed vaporizers are precision manufactured in Germany by Research & Experience.  Partial funding for the Aromed's development was provided by German insurance companies, with the specific intention that the device be used in a medical environment.  This interest led to the development of a machine that is sturdy yet delicate- an instrument with integrity.  For medical users, the Aromed is second to none.  This vaporizer is perfect for the therapeutic enjoyment of many (medical inhalants), including kava kava, valerian and mate, as described in the user's manual.  Research & Experience uses the term Phyto inhalation to describe the process through which we enjoy these different materials.  Obviously, I like the Aromed because it's a great way to enjoy (inhalants) while virtually eliminating all the negative health risks associated with smoking. Everything mixed with peppermint tastes dee-Iicious!

     The Aromed incorporates water filtration with a thermostat system that provides accuracy and responsiveness.  It's quite stable balance- wise, and compact, at only 3" high, 4" wide, and 9" long.  The heating element is attached to the end of a fully adjustable desk-Iamp-style arm.  This is no ordinary heating element, but a miniature 1,000-watt non-UV halogen bulb, which means you won't be inhaling metal oxides or ions.   The Aromed is fully digital, with microprocessors that maintain the target temperature of the internal thermostat with amazing sensitivity. The thermostat measures the temperature of the surface of the material in the bowl rather than the temperature of the heat source, providing an ultra-accurate reading of the vaporizing environment.

A bright LED display panel on the front shows the temperature setting and houses three simple buttons that let you control and personalize your vaporizing experience. Press the "on" button, and the Aromed returns to the last temperature setting. Then, in real time, you can use the "plus" and "minus" buttons to adjust what's going on. Initially, you'll want to let the material heat up before inhaling. I like to start at 190°C.   When I start drawing air, I lower it to 185°, then, as vapor begins to appear, I lower it again to 180°.   Appropriate temperature settings will vary according to density and moisture content of the material being vaporized. Personal choice regarding strength and taste of hits are just a button-push away.

Industrial lighting technologies make the Aromed power-efficient and durable.  Before being made available to the public, the device was rigidly tested and was run continuously for 300-plus hours at more than 200°C.

Upon using the machine for the first time, you'll notice the Aromed gives you total control over the vaporizing environment.   You can monitor and change the temperature and control the distance of the light from the material.  This allows you to quickly develop your own customized settings according to your personal taste and based on the material you're vaporizing.

Many vaporizers can turn (smoking) into a passive experience.  The Aromed gives the user a completely active vaporizing experience. You'll quickly notice that material is not actually vaporized unless you pull air through, ensuring that you're not rushed and nothing is wasted. The Aromed's efficiency requires very little material to get excellent results.  I had fun experimenting with the temperature and distance and found it easy to produce a great hit.

The Aromed medical-grade vaporizer sells for $419.00 plus $10.95 shipping and handling. It does not come with a power cord.  Pick one up anywhere for $10 or use the one from your computer.

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The AroMed is a very precise hot-air vaporizer. The active substances of any given plant can be inhaled. The active vapor is free of harmful substances. This is made sure by a hot air source of undeniable purity and an additional water filter. The hot air is provided by an energy saving ultraviolet-free halogen light bulb that is controlled by a precise microprocessor. Fresh or dried plant material, tinctures, or essential oils are all the same applicable with The AroMed. The hot air source is placed above the plant material. Therefore only during inhalation active substances are set free. The AroMed can be filled with more than one dosage, and inhalation is possible to the user’s liking without in-between switch-offs. More than 90% of the active substances are to be inhaled. The principle has proven excellency for more than 8 years!

With The AroMed Vaporizer there is nearly no undesired losses of active principles as with fan vaporizers, or vaporizers with a hold-back-system like balloons or glass bowls where the ingredients instantly condensate on the surface. Only little amounts might condensate in The AroMeds water filter liquid, but after use this clean and good tasting “macerate“ (cold extract) can be drunk and thus come to use. No active principles are set free or condensate as long as the user does not inhale. The last chosen temperature will be saved on microchip when The AroMed Vaporizer is switched off, and is at once displayed when switched on again.

No use of preparations (ie. teas, tinctures, or tablets) no retarded effects -about 1/3rd of the normal tea dose has sufficient efficacy -almost immeiate relef is guaranteed Medically Appropriate Application -with it's protected hot air supply, inhalation is as pure as necessary for medical application -no metal oxides and heavy metal ions are inhaled as with other devices -easy to read and handle display - 12v AC current supply (built-in transformer) for safe use -when not actually used, no active substances are extracted. The manual describes 40 medical products and their use with the AroMed. - With the New AromaTop, essences of etheric oils without water can be added appropriate to situation and air volume. With exact given temperatures, a reproducable effects are guaranteed. - By adding water into the filter box any kinds of dusts which pass the product will be held back. Switch on and select desired temperature on the aromed display for the chosen product. Assemble the waterfilter. Add teaspoon of product into holder. Bend the nozzle head carefully into the top of the holder. While breathing the aromatic vapor, the principles of the product will unfold their potential immediately. More FAQ on the Aromed can be obtained by an email request. Plug in Cord is not included and your computer cord all that is neccessary.

The new net transformer allows AC-inputs from 90-250 Volts (50-60 Hertz). A change between °Celsius and °Fahrenheit temperature display is done by simple button-press. Those improvements are, of course, a tribute to the growing community of AroMed vaporizer fans in the USA and Asia. No more especially altered AroMed’s have to be ordered and travelers no longer are in need of special converters. Another contribution is the revised edition of the operating manual in four languages (English, German, French and Spanish) with temperature suggestions for more than 30 different medical products.


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