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The VaporGenie is a vaporizer pipe that is dramatically safer and more pleasant to use than a conventional combustion pipe. It is specifically designed for use with tobacco. The VaporGenie gently heats your tobacco so that it releases nicotine and flavor compounds, but does not burn. Tar and toxic smoke are greatly reduced. The VaporGenie provides super-smooth vapor. There is no coughing or burning throat. It feels like you are inhaling warm, flavored air.

The VaporGenie uses a lighter or match and is completely portable. You can take it anywhere. It fits in your pocket.

The VaporGenie is not electronic. It is simple to use and reliable.

The VaporGenie is guaranteed against product defects for life. It is a high-quality, durable product that will provide you with many years of satisfying vaporization. It requires very little maintenance.

VaporGenie has been completely redesigned and vastly improved. Specifically, the new VaporGenie 2.0 has a larger, stainless steel bowl, and a larger flame filter. The VaporGenie 2.0 has greatly improved performance compared to the original VaporGenie:

  • The new VaporGenie 2.0 is easier to use with more stable temperature control
  • The new VaporGenie 2.0 has reduced tendency to burn.
  • The new VaporGenie 2.0 can hold more tobacco.
  • The new VaporGenie 2.0 has improved design with less soot formation, giving cleaner vapor.


VaporGenie Vaporizer
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What Exactly is Vaporization?

All herbs and plant matter contain oils, flavors and other desired compounds. Examples include nicotine in tobacco and terpenes in many other products (such as mint). Tobaccos often have flavor compounds added. Vaporization is the process of heating these compounds to convert them to vapor so they can be inhaled. It's the same thing as boiling. Typically, these desirable compounds boil at about 225-375 degrees Fahrenheit.

In conventional combustion smoking, the tobacco is burned and the heat from burning vaporizes the flavor compounds. But burning also creates toxic tar and carcinogens. The byproducts of burning are the most dangerous chemicals found in smoke. Fortunately, these byproducts are created at temperatures above about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if tobacco is heated to about 225-375 degrees, but no hotter, the desirable compounds are released, and the dangerous byproducts of burning are never created. That's vaporization.

How does the VaporGenie Provide Vaporization?

The VaporGenie relies on a totally new concept to provide the 'sweet-spot' vaporization temperatures of 225-375 degrees.

The secret to the VaporGenie is the patent-pending flame filter. The flame filter is located above your tobacco (between the tobacco and flame). In the pictures, the flame filter is located within the spherical wood part. The flame filter mixes heat from the flame with cold, ambient air. The flame filter is specially designed to mix the flame and cool air and provide vaporization temperatures.

The flame filter is also specially designed to withstand the flame heat for many years. It is made of an extremely durable and nontoxic ceramic.

How is the VaporGenie used?

The VaporGenie is used in a manner very similar to a conventional pipe. That's what makes it so easy to use.

First, the pipe is loaded with tobacco, and then the flame filter is screwed onto the pipe. It is important to use loose, shredded tobacco; do not pack.

Then, you inhale from the pipe while supplying flame to the flame filter. The flame filter automatically protects the tobacco from burning. You control the exact temperature by adjusting the amount of flame applied and speed of inhalation. It is important to not touch the ceramic filter with the flame.

By paying attention to the flavors and heat inhaled, you know the temperature, and can adjust flame application accordingly. Experienced VaporGenie users can keep the air stream temperature to within a range of about +/- 30F. This is sufficient temperature control for vaporization. The new VaporGenie 2.0 (now shipping) is a great deal easier to use than the original VaporGenie (We no longer sell the original VaporGenie).

Since the VaporGenie is designed for use with flame, the vapor is not as clean as vapor from electronic vaporizers that are properly used (electronic vaporizers often burn herb and produce smoke when used improperly). With the VaporGenie, flame exhaust is inhaled. However, most users do not notice the difference (lighter flames or match flames are much cleaner than smoke). And unlike electronic vaporizers, the VaporGenie is as portable as a conventional pipe, is less expensive, requires no heat-up time, and is more reliable. There are no electronic gizmos to break in the VaporGenie.

The VaporGenie is an excellent choice for people just starting out with vaporization, and for people who own an electronic vaporizer, but would like to vaporize away from home.

VaporGenie Construction

The wood of the VaporGenie is finely sanded smooth and is sealed with natural shellac that reveals beautiful wood grain patterns. Shellac is a natural resin made by the lac insect of India . There are no glues, adhesives, stains or other toxic chemicals used in the VaporGenie. The VaporGenie is made of North American hardwoods (your choice of Oak or Maple); no tropical rainforest woods are used. Almost all components of the VaporGenie are proudly made in the USA (about 75% on a dollar cost basis). The VaporGenie is proudly assembled in Blacksburg , Virginia .

The ceramic filter in the VaporGenie is made of high-purity silicon carbide, one of the most inert and heat-resistant ceramics known. Silicon carbide is made of only silicon and carbon, in a diamond crystal structure. Silicon carbide does not contain metals and so will not contaminate your vapor. The ceramic filter does not burn, fracture, or deteriorate. It will never need replacement.

All the metal parts in the VaporGenie are either stainless steel or chrome plated for inertness. The VaporGenie comes with a stainless steel screen and stainless steel bowl.

VaporGenie Maintenance

The VaporGenie produces very little tar when used properly, and so the Genie will not become clogged with tar. Occasionally, the stainless steel screen and bowl will need to be cleaned of debris. No other maintenance is necessary. The VaporGenie requires less maintenance and cleaning than a conventional combustion smoking pipe.

With proper use (see the "How to Use Your VaporGenie" page), the flame filter will never become clogged or need replacement.

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