About Us

About Us
Rollies.com is your chance to shop online from a store with a wide variety of USA made products or USA supplied products at exceptional low prices. We strive to offer the best online products at great prices and we are sure you will agree that when it comes to shopping for your needs Rollies.com is a definite place to check out. All are products are legal and most of our products are ordered from the U.S.A. and are U.S.A. Made, so you can't go wrong. Check out our shipping terms for more information on cross border shopping.

We ship anywhere in the USA, Canada and International World and ship from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Seattle, Washington, USA is right below us and we're not Vancouver, Portland, USA (home of the glassblowers). We two guys who are passionate about our online business, and we hope to translate that passion into everything we do.

Rollies.com respects your privacy. We only receive your name and address from PayPal and not your credit card or any other information on you. We will not sell or release your name and address to anyone as it is your private information and no one elses. For more information on PayPal or Shipping Terms click here: Shipping Terms

Please direct all questions, comments and inquiries to:

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