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Shipping Terms
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     We use as our merchant account processor for credit cards and echecks. We also take payment ourselves in forms of cash, money order and personal checks, just email us at for more information
All Prices are quoted in US dollars!

Any/All Applicable Taxes Are Included In The Price - All sales Final


Due to the massively large selection of items available at, we cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock at all times. However, new shipments arrive every week, so items which are not in stock are typically available within 2 to 5 weeks. If it looks like there will be a wait longer than 3 weeks, we may notify you of your order's status.
     However, since many people order multiple items in a single order, we will, when possible, send out an order in multiple packages; sending the in stock items right away and the rest of the items as they come in stock.

Due to their very nature, some items may not be identical to how they appear in the pictures on this site. Color availability will vary on plastic and glass models - please send a note (within the transaction, or in email) if you have a color preference for any item you order. We will strive to find that color, but we cannot make any guarantee to it's availability. Since we are a small company and want to be confused as little as possible when dealing with our customers we would like you to: Please select your items carefully, as
All Sales Are Final

Your Privacy:
At we respect your privacy. We currently collect your name and address that you list on transaction form (or what you send us in your money order). We do not sell, distribute or give this information to anyone for any reason. collects your credit card information and we here at never see. After 6 months you may have your online account deleted just email us for option.

Building Trust in Transactions (tm)
We currently use Canadian Post Air Postal Service or Express Postal Service (on large orders/digital scales) to ship to the US while larger World Wide orders will ship via In the USA your delivery will arrive via your United States Postal Service, Monday to Friday (some areas may also receive regular deliveries on Saturday). This is a drop off service that may be delivered anytime during the day. In other words, if you are not home they may leave it on your doorstep or local post office. If you want trackable service package when it arrives you will have to email us for pricing. Orders with shipping costs of over $11 will be trackable, unless it is considered Oversized. Glass is not insurable, but is double packed to prevent breakage. If you live outside of Canada, your order will go through customs. Shipping is private and discrete with a label of contents listed on the outside of the package.
Shipping can take on average 2-6 weeks as we ship World Wide please be aware that orders can take a while to get to you even in the USA as it has to go along way.

Shipping costs are dependent on a specific item's dimensions and weight.

If you live outside of Canada, your order will most likely pass through your country's customs agency. All items for sale on are legal for sale in Canada and are exported for legal use only. They are intended for tobacco use only. It is the buyer's responsibility to know that any items they order can be considered illegal, banned or otherwise restricted in their area of living (Pipes Only).
As such, we can not accept any responsibility for a package that is refused by a buyer's customs agency. A stopped packages would be held by customs for a month, a bond placed on it, and then destroyed.

     We have shipped thousands of order to USA, and hundreds to other countries around the world without incident. So if it is stopped by customs in your area you are aware it is beyond our control and you ordered the pipe at your own risk. But that does not mean we will not ship you a replacement as we like to ensure everyone gets their order not matter how long it takes us.

We sell our pipes for legal purposes only. It says so in your package and is sold as such. Your order will come do not worry.
If you have any other questions email us before ordering as:
All sales are Final

All Items shipped for legal purposes only!

**International Orders (Outside North America)- You must email us with your shipping address and the item(s) you would like to purchase from us, in order for us to calculate the exact cost of delivery - or check out International Shipping Prices and do it yourself. We are unaware of other countries laws and if the product doesn't make it through customs we are not responsible. You order it at your own risk.

People with addresses in Canada can order any product and it will be mailed discretely (no label of contents). UK large orders start at $15US Airmail, and tracking plus insurance is another $7-9US and will be shipped via . Smaller orders go regular airmail and you can just click to buy these items as shipping is cheap on 1kg or less.

To add extra shipping amounts to your transaction shopping cart, go to our Extra Shipping Page

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We ship everywhere!

Refund Policy
If you receive merchandise that is somehow defective/broken or not as you order then repack said package and either state:'refused' or resend it back to us. Once we receive returned, non-used item(s) we will be glad to replace the product to what you so desired. Please email us if you have a problem with an order and we will be glad help. We will work to fix any problem you have with your order by just emailing us as soon as you can. Then we can get you a new item to ensure you are satified with what you have purchased from our website. Remember, we do not accept non-defective, or used returned pipes products.

Orders are usually processed between 5-14 days after they have been placed. Shipping usually takes between 5-10 business days for delivery (after the order has been shipped) but we cannot be held responsible for any delays that may occur after we have shipped the package(s), as it is then literally out of our hands. That is why we say shipping time can between 2-6 weeks as the distance it must travel can take awhile. We also pick up orders from our suppliers on a weekly basis and ship all products out after we pack them. This cycle continues weekly so eventually we do get to your order and do send it out, sometime it can take longer especially if it is out of stock or if we are behind in orders.

If you find your order is taking longer than 3 weeks you can check out our order status page and find out where your order is at in our pick up, packing or delivery stage. Once we pack it we send it Express Post, 3-5 day delivery, or Expediated 5-8 day delivery or most often regular Airmail, 5-10 business day delivery. Usually one will receive their order within 2-6 weeks of ordering and if it will take longer I can email you. I may also be so busy that you can email me for an update and if you get no response just email me a double email for extra notice. We do not offer next day delivery as to prevent fraud and allow the order to be checked on paysystems.

Thank You for shopping with If you have any questions or comments, please email us at:

All Sales Are Final


All Products Intended And Sold For
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