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Offshore e-currency ATM debit cards

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Today's users of the Internet still lack confidence regarding their use of credit cards and the security of their funds and information. Users are increasingly seeking a more secure means of buying, trading and securely transferring funds online.

"evocash", the Electronic Verification Order of Cash, provides a secure internet-dedicated means of transferring digital currency across the globe by means of the Internet... the fastest growing medium for conducting any form of business.
Created exclusively to meet your personal or business finance needs, evocash is a brand new electronic money transferal system using the convenience of the World Wide Web, unchaining the user from the inconvenience of old fashioned and inflexible banking institutions. This system enables payments to be made person to person (P2P), person to business (P2B) business to person (B2P) and business to business (B2B). It also supports payment of corporate entertainment and personal gift initiatives.

The "evo" is a unit of electronic currency that can only but rejuvenate the world of business on the Internet, replacing the staid and clumsy paper- filled world of old fashioned banking. Payments and receipts will be filed at the press of a key!
Having evaluated the world's finance markets, and the strength and consistency of the various currencies, we have decided that, to enable ease-of-transfer, and perhaps more importantly, for the convenience for clients at both the "input" and "output" ends of transactions (to evaluate balances, maintain consistency of costs, etc.), the evo will have parity with the U.S. dollar. In other words, the daily purchasing power of one evo is equal to one U.S. dollar.

In short evocash is a dynamic digital currency system that is designed to meet every personal or corporate user's requirements, personal or corporate, for transferring funds, world-wide, 24 hours a day, instantly.

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Canadian, US, UK & Euro orders can make deposits to their:
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Offshore e-currency ATM debit cards

Rollies and EvoCash

Evocash is the new Method of payment keeping your money safe and our transaction fraud free. Evocash will allow you to order from us in a timely fashion and we hope it will better suit your needs as we move to digicash. No more dealing with money so get in the game now and start living life with in the digital world. is not affiliated, owned or operated by Evocash is merely a method to transfer money for sales from our store. We are not responsible for anything you do on their website that may affect your account. If you can not sign up to evocash or are denied you can email inquire to us about buying our products using a money orderl. Please direct all other questions regarding evocash and your money transfers you may be completing to We only get your evo cash and will delivery your order within 2-4 weeks of you transfering us your evo cash order.
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In order to fund your Evocash account you will need to use one of the links in the right hand column to transfer the your money into evo cash. Once you transfer your gold/money/credit card payment in evo cash you will then be able to purchase a product off of our site. We are not affiliated, owned or operate/d by any payment link we display in the right hand column. They are for link purposes only and we have no control over any of the companies. If you have a question please direct it to the payment method you choose to use to fund your evocash account. We can not help you in methods of transfering money and the links are only offering our customers a variety of ways of paying for orders. All sites are know to be safe and secure in transferring your funds.

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