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FlipScale 125 or 350
' Advanced Digital Weighing Technology'

The Flipscale is one of the smallest digital scales on earth. Only 2 1/2 inches wide x 3 1/2 inches long. It has about 3 times more capacity then it's closest competitor.
The Flipscales uses ADWT - Advanced Digital Weighing Technology. This new technology includes temperature compensation, digital vibration filtration, super easy calibration and more.
The Flipscale is a super-high precision scale. It's designed to be extra durable and is the world's first wearable scale.
The design is totally innovative with the LCD on top (You'll Flip-Out when you see it!).
By putting the LCD on the top of the scale, it allows extra room for the weighing platform - AND The LCD is the LARGEST ever offered on a pocket scale!
This scale may be tiny, but it's weighing platform is larger then most other pocket scales!
The Flipscale 350 has a 200gram extra capacity built in. That means you can place a 200 gram tray on the scale, press TARE and then still have a full 350 gram capacity left. (The Flipscale 125 has 125g of extra capacity)

Capacity: 350g x 0.1 or 125g x 0.05g
Grams, Ounces, Pennyweight, Troy Ounces

Full 5 year warranty. Lithium Batteries, Premium Leather pouch with metal Belt Clip, tools, and calibration weight included!

125 Grams
350 Grams
My Weigh Flipscale Manual

Thank you for purchasing The Flipscale. With normal care and proper treatment it will provide years of reliable service. Please read all operating instructions carefully. You can contact us at
* Avoid lengthy exposure to extreme heat or cold, your scale works best when operated at normal room temperature. Always allow the unit to acclimate to a normal room temperature before use.

* Allow sufficient warm up time. Usually 30 seconds before calibration to give the internal components a chance to stabilize.

* The cleaner the environment the better. Dust, dirt, moisture, vibration, air currents and proximity to other electronic equipment can all cause an adverse effect on the reliability and accuracy of your scale.

* Handle with care. Gently apply all items to be weighed onto tray top. Although this scale is designed to be quite durable, try to avoid rough treatment as this may permanently damage the internal sensor.

* Avoid shaking, dropping or otherwise shocking the scale. This is a precision instrument and MUST BE HANDLED WITH EXTREME CARE.

* Only operate the scale on a stable, vibration free surface.

* DELAY - scale has a built in delay after pressing buttons for accuracy.

*Remove the batteries if you plan to store the scale for longer then 10 days

** These electronic scale are precision instruments. Avoid disturbing environmental conditions such as currents, vibrations, strong electrical and magnetic fields as well as a rapid change of the ambient temperature.

Battery Operation:
1) Two “CR 2032” size Lithium batteries are required.
2) To install batteries:
a) Release the battery cover by sliding out-wards.
b) Place batteries into battery compartment aligned correctly.
c) Replace battery cover.
Be Carefull not to push on the tray whil e replacing batteries
3) The scale is now ready for battery operation.

Always perform calibration procedure after first turning the unit on and
allowing time for it to warm up and stabilize. 30 seconds should be
sufficient. For best results repeat this process at regular intervals if the
scale is subject to weather or altitude changes. Incorrect calibration can occur if you do not follow the steps exactly. If your scale does not perform accurately, please try replacing your batteries before you calibrate. Brand new scales may require multiple calibrations during the load cell break-in time.
Calibration Procedure:
1) Turn scale on and allow unit to stabilize for 30 seconds. Press and hold the “CAL/MODE” key for 6 seconds then release. The display will show CAL then CAL 0, then LoAd 100g will appear (Wait for “Load 100g” to appear before proceeding)
2) Gently place the 100 gram weight on the scale and wait.
3) The scale will flash 100g, then DONE, then 100g. Gently remove the weight. Calibration is complete.
NOTE: if after calibration your scale does not read accurately, this indicates
calibration error and the calibration process should be repeated.

* Power Up Segment Test
When first turning the unit on, all segments of the display will appear as shown below. This display will remain for approximately 3 seconds and then reset to zero. The display may also change brightness before 0.0 or 0.00 appears.
Stable Reading Indication
This is a very precise scale - the display may seem to wander or jump when weighing. This is due to air currents or vibrations. Stable weighing is achieved when the small o appears in the top left corner of the display.
* Overload
When an applied load exceeds the capacity. “Err” will appear on the display. Remove excessive load immediately. The unit may return to normal operation.
Remember: You can permanently damage the scale by overloading it!
* Negative Value
Any tarred value or a value left in memory will be displayed as a negative number when all weight is removed from the unit. Press tare to reset the scale. * Tare
The tare feature is designed to allow the user to reset the scale to zero for certain circumstances. Tare can be used to eliminate the value of a pan liner, scoop, beaker etc. Place the container on the weighing tray, wait for a stable reading and then press “TARE”. The unit returns to zero and the weight value of the container is permanently removed for the remainder of the procedure.
NOTE: When all weight is removed from the weighing tray, the tared value of the container will be displayed as a negative number. Press the “TARE” again to return to zero or cycle the power on the scale.
This scale is warranted to the original consumer purchaser from all defects in materials or craftsmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase. Any defect created by misuse, abuse, overload or physical damage (ie dropping the scale) is not covered. Also any consequential or incidental damage is not covered.
We do not accept returns of used scales from our resellers
You must return all scales directly to our repair center.
My Weigh Warranty Dept
3402 E Thomas Road #33
Phoenix AZ 85018
Please make sure you include your original receipt as proof of purchase. The scale must be completely clean and devoid of food or lab matter. Unsanitary or unclean scales and scales returned without their original receipt / proof of purchase will be destroyed without repair or notification. We need your receipt / proof of purchase to determine the correct start date of your warranty and that you are the original purchaser. Your receipt will be mailed back with your replaced or repaired scale.
Please include a note describing the problem with the scale and your return address.

Mode selection: Press and release the key once to change weight unit.
Calibration: Depress this key for four seconds to begin calibration as outlined under the Calibration Procedure on the next page.
Press this key to turn unit on. Once the unit is on, press and hold the same key to turn the scale off
Press tare to reset the scale to zero. Tare can be used for eliminating from a sample (or a procedure) the weight value of a container weight is permanently removed for the remainder of the procedure.
NOTE: When all weight are removed from the weighing tray, the tared value of a container will be displayed as a negative number. Cycle the power on the scale to reset the scale to zero.
* Auto off
An auto shut off feature is provided to conserve battery power. The unit will automatically turn off after approximately 2 minutes of inactivity.
The scale has a unique built in protective cover. The cover is designed to open to two positions. Select the position that is best suited to your weighing needs. The Flipscale is the only scale in the world with this special patented cover / upper LCD. Please be gentle when opening the cover to avoid damage to the hinge.

The Flipscale is the most innovative pocket scale ever created. Please remember that this is a precision instrument. It is essential that you never drop, shake or otherwise mishandle this instrument. Electronic precision scales use delicate sensors that can easily be damaged if the scale is excessively shocked, dropped or overloaded. If you treat your Flipscale well, it will serve you well.
Please be good to your Flipscale!
My Weigh is the Best Weigh!

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