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Ibalance Scales

Black Versions of i1200 & i500 Model Scales

i500 & i1200
'Compact Professional Scale Backlit'
Large square weighing Platter / Tray 145×145mm
Net/gross weight 460/650g
Package Standard carton: 22.5×15.5×4.8(cm3)
Auto shut off. / Auto calibration / Auto zero tracking / Auto backlight
Low battery indication / Large LCD (6digits 15 mm high)
Net weight/stability indication

i500 has a 500 grams / 1.1 lb. capacity. 
Accurate to .1 gram. It reads in grams, ounces, lbs & Kg's.
GRAMS (g) - up to 500g - in 0.1g increments
OUNCES (oz) - up to 17.635oz - in 0.005oz increments
KILOGRAMS (kg)- up to 0.5000kg - in 0.0001kg increments
POUNDS (pds)- up to 1.1022pds - in 0.0002pds increments
The scale's Base is 7.5" x 5.8", the weighin' platform is 5.8" x 5.8", and the scale stands 1.7" tall.

i1200 has a 1200 grams capacity

Operating Temperature 0-40c (32-104f)
Removeable plate
Power source 6×AA Size Batteries or AC/DC
Adapter 9V/100mA (Adapter is optional)

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i500 Black
i500 White
i500 Blue
i500 Green
i500 Orange
i1200 Black

i500 & i1200 Adapter
'Add this adapter if you want"

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i500 Manual & Calibration guide


All safety messages are identified by the words "WARNING" and "CAUTION". These words mean the following:

?!WARNING Important information to alert you to a situation that might cause serious injury and damage to your property if instructions are not followed.
?!CAUTION Important information that tells how to prevent damage to the equipment.

When using the i500/i1200, the following safety precautions should always be followed.

Use only the correct AC adaptor with the scale. Other adaptors may cause permanent electrical damage.


Avoid placing the scale in direct sunlight, this may cause discoloration or malfunction.

Replace all batteries at the same time – Do not replace only a portion of the 6 batteries as this may cause a malfunction.

If the scale is not to be used for a long period of time, remove all batteries from the battery compartment to avoid leakage which may cause damage to this scale.

Avoid overloading the scale, as this may cause permanent damage.

Keep the scale away from water – this scale is not water resistant. Shock, injury and electrical damage can occur if used in a wet location!

Matter charged with static electricity could affect accuracy. Discharge all static electricity. As example, one method is to use electrification prevention spray, and spray it on both side of weighing platform.


Model number i500 Capacity 500g Division .1g
Model number i1200 Capacity 1200g Division .1g
Platter / Tray 145×145mm
Net/gross weight 460/650g
Package Standard carton: 22.5×15.5×4.8(cm3)
24 Units in one box: 48×48×22(cm3)
Operating Temperature 0-40c (32-104f)
Power source 6×AA Size Batteries or AC/DC
Adapter 9V/100mA (optional)

This scale is warranted from all defects in materials or craftsmanship for 2 years from date of purchase. Any defect created by misuse, abuse, overload or physical damage is not covered. We do not accept returns of used scales from Stores. You must return your scale directly to our repair center.
If your scale has a warranted problem, please send it to:

My Weigh Warranty Dept
3402 E Thomas Rd #33
Phoenix AZ 85018

Canadian consumers can send their scale to:
My Weigh Canada
101-1520 Rand Ave
Vancouver BC V6P 3G2

Please make sure you include a copy of your original receipt as proof of purchase. You must send a copy of your ORIGINAL RECEIPT or the scale not be repaired. The scale must be completely clean and devoid of lab & food matter. Unsanitary scales, unclean scales, or scales sent in without their ORIGINAL receipt will be destroyed without repair.

When to calibrate - calibration is RARELY required.
Calibration may be required when the scale is first set up for use, or if the scale is moved to a different altitude or gravitation. This is necessary because the weight of a mass in one location is not necessarily the same in another location. Also, with time and use, mechanical deviations can occur.

How to calibrate
**for the i500 you must have an accurate 500 gram weight or a combination of weights that equals 500 grams in order to calibrate.
**for the i1200 you must have an accurate 1200 gram weight or a combination of weights that equals 1200 grams in order to calibrate**
1. Before entering calibration mode, press [ON/OFF] to turn the power on and wait for 5 minutes to allow the scale to warm up.
2. Enter calibration mode
Press [ON/OFF] to turn the power off. Press and hold [ZERO] first, then Press [ON/OFF] while keeping the [ZERO] button depressed, the display will show the A/D value (a series of random numbers).
3. Calibration by the weight
Wait for the stable indicator to be displayed, Press [SET] the display will show "00SAVE", after 2 seconds, the display will return to the A/D value.
4. Place the correct calibration weight on platform (500g for the i500 and 1200g for the i1200). After the stable indicator is displayed, press [SET], the display will show "00SAVE" and calibration is finished.
5. Press [ON/OFF], turn off the power, press [ON/OFF] turn on the power again, place the weight(s) on the platform to make sure that weighing is correct, if not, repeat steps 2-5.
6. Return to weighing mode
Press [ON/OFF] to turn the power off. Press [ON/OFF] again to turn on the power and return the scale to weighing mode.

l Auto shut off. ? Auto calibration
l Auto zero tracking ? Auto backlight
l Low battery indication ? g/oz/ozt/dwt conversion
l Large LCD (6digits 15 mm high)
l Large square weighing tray
l Net weight/stability indication
l .1 gram division – professional accuracy


AC adaptor


Weighing platform
The arch face of platform is front.
Correct the direction of the pan.

Remove these before use


ON/OFF key
Turns the scale
Power on/off.

MODE key
Changes weighing units, g/oz/ozt/dwt.

ZERO key (for TARE)
Sets display to zero or
Subtracts weight of a container.


Battery compartment

Battery compartment cover

Use 6 AA batteries


ZERO indicator
Indicates when the scale zero is correct. Weighing unit

STABLE indicator
Indicates when the reading is stable.

Low battery indicator
1.Installing batteries/Connecting the AC adaptor
Battery Remove the battery compartment
compartment cover and insert six batteries(R6P/LR6
/AAsize) into the battery compartment,
use extreme care that the polarities
plus and minus are correct.

R6P/LR6/AA size
Dry batteries.
Battery compartment cover (batteries may not be included)

AC adapter (optional)
Plug the AC adapter to the AC
AC adaptor adapter socket on the side.
socket The AC input requirement could
be 100,120,220,230 or 240Volts
(50/60Hz) depending on the area
where used, so please verify that
the adaptor is correct

2.Setting up the i500

Avoid placing the scale in direct sunlight, this may cause discoloration or malfunction. Place your i500/i1200 on a firm weighing table so that the scale is level. (The scale will not perform accurately when it is not level.) Make sure there are absolutely NO air currents or vibrations. They can cause inaccurate readings.

Place the scale on a firm surface that is flat and level for accurate weighing.


Before weighing

A 5 minute warm up time is required after turning the power on so that the scale will function properly and accurately.

Error messages
EEEE: Overload
: Low battery

Calibration may be required before weighing.
Calibration is rarely needed. Read "CALIBRATION" first and if necessary, calibrate your scale for accurate weighing.

Weighing procedures

1. Press [ON/OFF] to turn on the scale.

When the power is turned on, all display segments appear for a few seconds and "0" will appear on the display.

2. Select the weighing unit with [SET].

Press [SET] to select a weighing unit (g, oz, ozt, dwt, etc..)
Once the unit has been selected, the selected unit will be displayed next to the weight value.

3. Start weighing

If you do not use a container for weighing,

Verify the reading is "0". If not, press [ZERO] to display "0".
Place objects on the weighing platform to weigh.
When the reading becomes stable, the stable indicator is displayed.

If you use a container for weighing,

Place an empty container on the platform.
Wait for the stability indicator to be displayed and press [ZERO].
Place the objects to be weighed in the container.
When the reading becomes stable, the stable indicator is displayed.

Add a Calibration Weight
Type of Weight:
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100 Gram Calibration Weight
200 Gram Calibration Weight
500 Gram Calibration Weight
1000 Gram Calibration Weight
2000 Gram Calibration Weight

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