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The Pointscale
'Another Popular Scale'
There are many versions of the Pointscale. The Pointscale 150 (150g x 0.1g), The Pointscale 250 (250g x 0.1g), and the Pointscale 350 (350g x 0.1g). All versions come with calibration weights, a small-item tray & a Scalepad.

The new Pointscale 3.0 is here! We now use XPWT XPoint Weighing Technology on all Pointscales AND a special temperature control circuit. This makes the Pointscale incredibly accurate and reliable. The new Temperature control circuit keeps the scale perfectly accurate and stable regardless of temperature fluctuations*.

GRAMS (g) - up to 150g - in 0.1g increments
OUNCES (oz) - up to 5.29oz - in 0.01oz increments PENNYWEIGHT (dwt) - up to 96.4dwt - in 0.1dwt increments
OUNCES TROY (ozt) - up to 4.82ozt - in 0.01ozt increments
It comes with a durable hard case, boasts a large LCD disply and has built in memory. Tray & calibration weight included.
Takes 3 AAA Batteries, included
Warranty 1 year from date of purchase
150 grams
250 grams
350 grams
My Weigh Pointscale Manual

Pointscale 120/150 manual
**SPECIAL NOTICE** To turn on your Pointscale, press and quickly release the ON key. Do not hold the on key down or the scale will turn back off.

Thank you for purchasing the Pointscale 150. With normal care and proper treatment it will provide years of reliable service. Please read all operating instructions carefully. You can visit us at www.goodscale.com
* Avoid lengthy exposure to extreme heat or cold, your scale works best when operated at normal room temperature. Always allow the unit to acclimate to a normal room temperature for at least one hour before use.

* Allow sufficient warm up time. Turn the scale On and wait 60 seconds to give the internal components a chance to stabilize before weighing.

* The cleaner the environment the better. Dust, dirt, moisture, vibration, air currents and proximity to other electronic equipment can all cause an adverse effect on the reliability and accuracy of your scale.

* Handle with care. Gently apply all items to be weighed onto tray top. Although this scale is designed to be quite durable, try to avoid rough treatment as this may permanently damage the internal sensor.

* Avoid shaking, dropping or otherwise shocking the scale. This is a precision instrument and MUST BE HANDLED WITH EXTREME CARE.

* Only operate the scale on a stable, vibration free surface. IMPORTANT: Do not operate near cell phones, radios, computers, or any other electronic device.

If your scale ever performs slowly or inaccurately, please replace the batteries.
Battery Operation:
1) Three “AAA” size ALKALINE batteries are required.
2) To install batteries:
a) Release the battery cover by sliding the locks in-wards.
b) Place batteries into battery compartment aligned correctly.
c) Replace battery cover and lock it.
3) The scale is now ready for battery operation.
*Remove the batteries if you plan to store the scale for longer then 10 days.
Mode selection: Press the key once to change weight unit.
Calibration: Depress this key for four seconds to begin calibration as outlined under Calibration Procedure on the next page.
Press this key to turn unit on. Once the unit is on the same key operates the additive memory feature. The following steps outline the procedure for cumulative weighing of samples:
1) Place container on tray top, wait for stable reading, then depress “TARE” to return scale to zero and permanently remove the empty containers weight from the additive procedure.
2) Add first sample until desired weight is achieved.
3) Press ON key to reset unit to zero. The memory symbol “m” appears in the upper left corner indicating the previous weight value has been stored.
4) Add second sample until desired weight is achieved.
5) Press key again. The “m” symbol will disappear and the display will show the combined weight of the first and second samples. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for additional items.
NOTE: When the entire load is removed from the scale the display will flash a negative value equal to the tared value of the container. To reset the scale to zero press the tare key.
Press tare to reset the scale to zero. Tare can be used for eliminating the weight value of a container. Turn the scale on, Place an empty container on the scale and press TARE. The scale will reset to 0.0, then place the items to be weighed in the container and the correct weight of the items will appear on the display.
NOTE: When al weight are removed from the weighing tray, the tared value of a container will be displayed as a negative number. Depress tare again to return the display to 0.0.
Press and hold to turn off the scale
.** These electronic scale are precision instruments. Do not operate near an in-use cell phone, radio, computer or other electronic device. These devices emit RF and can cause unstable scale readings. If your scale ever performs poorly, try moving the scale to a different room or location.
Important: Please turn the scale ON and allow it to warm up for 30 seconds before calibration. If Possible please calibrate the scale on your SCALEPAD (included in the box), a mousepad or similar surface (These pads are very stable and absorb vibrations). Repeat calibration at regular intervals if the scale is subject to weather or altitude changes. Incorrect calibration can occur if you do not follow the steps exactly. If your scale does not perform accurately, please try replacing your batteries before you calibrate.
Calibration Procedure:
1) Place the scale on a Flat stable surface. Turn the scale on and allow it to stabilize for 30 seconds.
2) Press and hold the “CAL/MODE” key for 5 seconds, CLO will briefly display on the screen and then 100.0 will appear.**(you MUST wait for 100.0 to appear before proceeding)**
3) Gently place the 100 gram weight on the scale, wait 3 seconds, then press the “OFF” key (only press it once).
4) Wait 10 seconds, the scale should show CLF and then return to active weighing. Gently remove the weight. Sometimes the scale may show a leftover value such as 0.1g, If you wish you may re-zero the unit by pressing the tare key.
NOTE: if after calibration your scale does not read accurately, this indicates
calibration error and the calibration process should be repeated.
Please calibrate on a scalepad, mousepad or similar surface if possible.
INACCURACY / ERROR___________________________________
The primary reasons for inaccuracy or malfunction are low batteries, incorrect calibration, overload or operating on an unstable surface. Please keep this in mind and maintain and operate your scale properly. The scale is a precise instrument and must be handled with the upmost care and caution.
* Power Up Segment Test
When first turning the unit on, all segments of the display will appear as shown below. This display will remain for approximately 3 seconds and then reset to zero. The display may also change brightness during this time and show a blank screen for a moment before 0.0 appears
+ >*

Stable Reading Indication
This is a very precise scale - the display may seem to wander or jump when weighing. This is due to air currents or vibrations. Stable weighing is achieved when the display remains fixed for 3 seconds.
* Overload
When an applied load exceeds the capacity. “EE” will appear on the display. Remove excessive load immediately. The unit should return to normal operation.
!Remember: You can permanently damage the scale by overloading it!
* Negative Value
Any tared value or a value left in memory will be displayed as a negative number once all weight is removed from the unit. Depress tare to return the unit to zero.
* Memory
The memory function is designed to allow the user to store values and to then progressively add these values into a sample or procedure. Unlike the tare feature, the unit returns to zero and a memory indication appears at the upper left of the display. After a subsequent weight is added, press memory again. The original value is added to the current value giving the total gross weight of the current sample. Different samples are needed and a total gross weight of all samples is required. This process is further outlined on the previous page.
* Auto off
An auto shut off feature is provided to conserve battery power. The unit will automatically turn off after approximately 3 minutes of inactivity.
* WARRANTY__________________________________________________
This scale is warranted from all defect in materials or craftsmanship for 5 years from the date of purchase to the original consumer purchaser. Any defect created by misuse, abuse, overload or physical damage is not covered. Returns must be Mailed to the return center. We do not accept returns of used scales from our resellers. You must return all scales directly to our repair center


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